Week in comments

On the burgeoning popularity of Munich’s Glockenbach neighborhood, People Paula reports, “The members of Rammstein totally buy their truffles there.”

The kerfuffle over the Amsterdam blogger trip made Montecore muse, “To paraphrase Pete Townshend does this mean “we’re all cunts after all?”.

The crap pics from a Bangkok market brought out the grisly, predatory side of AcidReign: “Live crabs are more trouble than they’re worth. It takes one with a body the size of a dinner plate to get any significant meat! And they keep trying to climb out of the pot while you’re boiling them! They’re amusing to catch, but cracking them open with pliers and trying to separate the tough cartilage, sharp shells, and the few tidbits of fishy meat is no fun.” When your editor confessed that crab violence traumatized his early youth, Katherine was sympathetic, to a point: “But I have to say, a crab that you’ve brutally murdered yourself (in boiling water; I’m not an animal!) is quite the taste sensation. You can also gouge them in the brain with something sharp to kill them swiftly first. On a completely unrelated note, I’m mad at my boyfriend.”

The interview with BLDGBLOG inspired micah to remark, “This guy might be the first interviewed blogger so far not to completely come across as anything but an obnoxious, painfully-world weary, hipster ass.”