The Wesc guide to our world

Swedish actor Peter Stormare, seen here touring Chicago’s Joliet Prison (of Prison Break fame, a show on which Stormare inexplicably plays an Italian mobster), is one of the “WE-activists” that help promote the Swedish hipster clothing brand WESC’s newly launched travel guide. This combo of clothing ads and travel guides is available in WESC’s stores in 19 countries, soon to be followed by in-store release parties. If you can’t get your own paperback copy, the web version will surely suffice. Both are personal scrapbooks of tips on where to skate in Tokyo, which Brighton bar to throw a riot in, and where to find Vancouver’s coolest homeless. Produced with Swedish sarcasm, the guide contains useful translations like “I’m on the guestlist” and “Can I have a sip of your beer? Please?”. Also, how could I have gone this long without knowing that “Chicago is famous for having three streets that rhyme with v-gina. They are, Paulina, Regina, and Lunt”? The guide only lists a few suggestions per city, but perhaps this is a case of enjoying the voyage as much as the destination. Current “coverage” includes Los Angeles, Stockholm, Barcelona, Brighton, Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.