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Philly: Nueva Madrid

For reasons that remain unclear, the urban scientists at Elle Decor have christened Philadelphia the next Madrid, which is one of the more ambiguous permutations of the endless “x is the next y” taxonomy. Here are the relevant quotes from last issue of ED:

Today Philadelphia is percolating with a more youthful sensibility that’s both cosmopolitan and neighborly. It’s a welcome paradox: a kind of Madrid on the Delaware River.

Then stop in at La Colombe. The mood of the 12-year-old cafe and roaster … is cosmopolitan and upbeat—call it noninvasive Euro-chic.

Not only does the public transportation system run smoothly and extensively…

The city has the same DNA as New York, the same well-traveled people with money who are hungry for new experiences.

Even Phillistas are getting weary of their own ascendance, as the Philadelphia Weekly bloggers are all over it. Managing editor Liz Spikol brought it up in fact, Benergetically noting “I’m hungry for a cheesesteak that doesn’t cost $100. I’m going to the cart at 15th and Chestnut to get one, where I’ll mix my DNA with Philly’s finest, including that guy on the vent.” Daniel McQuade has similar thoughts, though I also liked a commenter on his post wondering “Where are all the beautiful Spanish babes at?”.