How to sleep on an airplane

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about uncomfortable flights. But sometimes, flights are made difficult by more mundane things than rats on a plane. Take sleeping. At well over six feet, I regularly wake up on flights due to feet falling asleep or awkward seating positions.

Well, The Independent Traveler has advice on how to sleep on a plane. Their tips? Avoid the last row of the plane, any seats in front of the exit row, bulkhead and aisle seats in favor of window seats. Take one carry-on. Skip the coffee. Board early so you can nab a blanket and pillow. Bring a neck pillow from home. Wear shoes you can slip off easily. Wear ear plugs. Take sleeping pills if you please. And feel free to recline your chair back, but don’t be a wanker about it. Common advice, but it needs saying.