Hotel Regina

Given its Paris location, the Hotel Regina could be forgiven for resting on its laurels a bit. Situated directly across the street from the Louvre, the Regina occupies some of the most envied real estate in town.

Originally opened during the Paris World’s Fair in 1900, the hotel remains an antique-stuffed bonbon that balances a fine line between actual heritage and tourist fantasy. Public spaces are immaculate, large, ornate, and just on the good side of stuffy; the English bar is pleasant enough, and the restaurant is pretty though overpriced. Most Belle Epoque decor remains, though furnishings themselves get a little worn outside the suites.

The cheapest rooms in the attics are a hodgepodge of leftovers, at least one of which looks like a refugee from a 1980s concept motel. This is a hotel best suited for those who want to pay for the location and otherwise disregard their hotel, or for those who want to spring for a suite and get the full Paris holiday experience. Rooms start at €340 per night (suites begin at €560).