Helsinki’s Design Scene

In recent years, Food & Wine has been branching out into more diverse articles—and we recently came across their look at Helsinkis design scene.

Although we don’t know about Helsinki actually having a “design destrict” as the article promises, there are some intriguing spots. On F&W;’s radar: Boutique hotel Klaus K, the Design Forum Finland boutique, the Kuurna restaurant and art gallery/shop Myymälä2 (Si, that of the unpronounceable name) and stores Lux, Marimekko, Iittala and Atrek, along with the work of Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen:

On my last day in Helsinki I met up with Ilkka Suppanen, an innovative Finnish designer who has worked for Saab and the Italian furniture maker Cappellini. Quiet and reserved, but with a shock of shaggy blond hair, Suppanen gave me a preview of his Colors chair for the Italian manufacturer Zanotta. Resting on thin wire-frame legs, it consists of three oblong cushions in mix-and-match fabrics. It’s an elegant and simple design that has just hit stores in the United States. For nearly everything else, however–well, that just might require a trip to Helsinki.