Hedonist Guides

Challenging the StyleCity Guides for title of prettiest guidebook, the Hedonist’s Guide series is set to relaunch in the States next month (they hail from the UK). Compact and sleek, the Hedonist books purportedly cater to a more “urbane and stylish traveller.”

It’s certainly a select rather than comprehensive guide, but the number of options presented is a pleasant surprise – more than enough hotels, restaurants, shops, sights, and nightlife choices for week-plus visit. The guides are arranged with a brief city/area intro at the front, including maps; the back 80% is comprised of property reviews.

The design is colorful and photo-heavy – this may in fact be the only guidebook series that includes a color pic of every property reviewed. Essential service information is brief but reasonably complete, with most of each review taken up by a prosey description. Choices reflect the target reader demo, but they are hardly restricted to the upmarket and pricey – several moderate options come up, especially those with a funky or particularly local vibe. Current coverage includes Beirut, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Marrakech, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Prague, Stockholm, and Talinn. Good books for the mobile urbanite.