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Friends Fried

Cambodian foodblogger Phnomenon takes issue with Lonely Planeteer Tony Wheeler’s spotlighting of Friends: The Restaurant. This Friends has nothing to do with Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica, but rather is a tapas-kitchen restaurant in Phnom Penh designed to employ street kids and give them a leg up on job prospects. Noble sentiments aside, Phnomenon hardly think it qualifies as great dining:

I admire Friends’ work and know a couple of successful graduates from their hospitality training but their pseudo-tapas eatery hardly rates alongside the world’s or even Cambodia’s best restaurants. Although the Lonely Planet is almost my last resort for a restaurant recommendation (fitting somewhere between “moto-taxi driver” and “the khmer guy who eats the leftovers from my bin”), I’m going to take my future food advice from them with a mound of salt.

Personally, I’d be very interested in recommendations from that leftover-eating guy. He probably knows all the best dumpsters.