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Dawn patrol in Taipei

Friday night in Taipei. Ask any under-30 local for nightclub advice, and nine times out of ten they’ll tell you about Luxy. Taipei’s reigning nightclub is a madhouse carnival of house, hip-hop, and a bit of trance, with a reasonable cover and a decent mix of locals and foreigners. Head there for a good night out, and you won’t be disappointed.

Fact is, it doesn’t matter where you start your Friday night in Taipei. All good gutterscum eventually ends up at Roxy Vibe, the last resort for everyone who hasn’t already pulled. Appropriately situated underground, the weekend-only Vibe doesn’t open until midnight and sees significantly no one until 2 a.m., which makes for a nicely liquored-up clientele.

The 250NT ($9) cover charge gets you one drink and unlimited access to the mediocre dance music that carries everyone well into morning. My second-favorite Roxy Vibe story stars two foreigners crawling in at sunrise, wired out of their skulls and looking for kicks. They come across a pair of local ladies, similarly wired, similarly looking. Everyone heads over to a nearby love hotel. The women pay for the room; the men play rock-paper-scissors. It doesn’t matter anyway, as the couples end up swapping after a few hours. My first-favorite Roxy Vibe story stars one guy from my second favorite story. The very next night, he’s once again cruising at sunrise, and finds himself yet another local lady. This time, he’s massaged, bathed, and licked clean before being fucked for three hours. Again, the lady pays for the room. In short, hook up at Roxy Vibe, or don’t hook up at all.