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Dammann’s Glacier

Alright, so I may be a tad obsessed with all things frozen and sweet. Naturally, this makes Dammann’s Glacier, an ice cream shop in the Latin Quarter, one of my favorite places in Paris. This homey shop is right on the Seine, at the corner of rue Grande Degres and rue Maitre Albert. Their ice creams are rich and decadent, with flavors such as caramel aux beurre sel, a salt and butter-infused scoop of goodness.

It has much less hype than Berthillion, the famous Ile Saint Louis shop that has good ice cream but hellishly long lines. Dammann’s has more of a neighborhood feeling, with locals lounging around the colorful interior. Also, if you’re not up to eating something frozen while the weather is chilly, you can enjoy a pot of tea, a waffle, or even a cup of thick Valrhona hot chocolate.