British Art in a French gallery

Among the flood of museums and galleries in Paris, the Jeu de Paume is worth a visit, with photography, video and film exhibitions alongside a series of lectures and courses (some in English). There are two Museum sites, one at the Place Concorde and another in the Marais, inside the magnificent Hotel de Sully.

Currently, the Concorde space is in the midst of a Craigie Horsfield exhibition. Over a 35 years career, the British artist has worked in photography, film, theatre, installation, performance, dance, sound and architecture. His idea of the “social project” means that many of his works were made in collaboration with other artists and explore how we think and interact together.

Horsfield’s photographs are large-scale black and white works with a tactile-esque surface that results from a peculiar, labour intensive developing process. They are labelled with “Do not touch” signs, which just heightened my desire to “feel” the images.

My favourite was “El Hierro Conversation”, a film/sequence of images and vignettes from the Canary Island of El Hierro, shown in a darkened room where each of the 4 walls was a floor-to-ceiling screen. Thankfully, the Jeu de Paume kindly provides two beds/reclining sofas inside.